Monday, December 11, 2006

A Pole for Readers

As an author, reviewer, editor, and reader, it is very important to me to understand why people read fiction. I know my own reasons.

What are yours? What is it about certain books that makes you want to pick that one up? What is it about certain stories that keeps you reading to the last page and wanting to buy that author's work again?

The answers will not be the same for everyone. That's half the fun!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Exact Wording & Regulatory Compliance

Being that I think of myself as an editor becomes a bit of a bother sometimes, like in conversation when I edit other people's sentences to make more sense [heehee]. I get glared at.

But being good with words helps a lot with the day job, usually. Sometimes though... like this letter I got from one of the high-and-mighty entities that oversees our operations: there's all of this anal picking [I'm used to that] and then the author of this legalese says, "The applicant shall provide all mineral interest ownership under the facility." O-kay. Literally, this means the high-and-mighty entity wants us to give them all of our mineral interest ownership. Uh, I don't think so. The man who wrote this meant to say he wants information on that subject, but that's not how the very very proper letter reads. So, I'm already irritated by the rest of the letter, and I sit down to compose my response. My first reaction is: "Do you mean information regarding mineral interest?" Cough. No, I'm not going to be as anal as the guy who wrote that letter. Try again: "We do not have mineral interests to give you." Scratch that too--too sarcastic. Sigh. I'm finally going with: "Mineral interest under our facility: we do not own it." Period. Then I wax long with the details, including: "It does not appear that the previous owner had mineral interest either. Our lawyer informs me that in order to determine who does have the mineral interests, a title search would be required, the expense of which we cannot afford." [My sarcasm took hold...] "Since this facility uses only the surface of the land, we are not going to persue further an expensive matter that has no pertinence to our operations."

State and Federal regulations are costing small buisnesses more than they can afford. I'm constantly fending off garbage like this! At least my writing backgroup pays off for something.