Friday, November 10, 2006


As the memories of last weekend simmer on the back burner of my mind, vapors rise and demand attention. Things like: I found out that I'll need one pairing of agent/publisher for my female protagonist books and another pair for my male protagonist books--they probably won't sell in the same place [huh! go figure]. Another thing that bubbled to the surface was the discovery of why TOR probably turned down two of my novels. It seems Tom D. prefers black and white characterization "because it sells" and I'm not into absolutism. Oh well, guess I won't be submitting there again. And on another topic: one of the guest speakers who has at least 35 books out said that he doesn't believe his publisher has read more than two of them--now I believe that [have you ever read a stinker from a Name? --that's why--the Name sells, and only the author cares if the writing is any good or not...hopefully the author cares; I think I've read a few books where I think the author stopped caring]. Rumor has it that another famous author put out some stinkers because he made the mistake of listening to his fans and doing what they wanted and multiple inputs destroyed the vision [whoa!].

The convention really got me fired up, but horror stories abound. Like this one: One published author had an editor ask for a book "through the agent" but the agent wouldn't forward it because "it won't sell" even though the author already sold it, but the editor wouldn't take it without it going through the agent and that took a lot of fast talking to get the stuborn agent to Send It! Can't remember the names on that story, but seem to remember that the book won an award once out. Of course! :)


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