Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Invisible Trip-Wires

Submitting a work of writing for publication is difficult to start with, then the publishing industry has to go and make it harder by creating inivisible trip-wires to cull the unsuspecting beginner, except even those of us who've been at this for awhile still get tripped up. Case in point: I submitted to a NYC agent. His webpage said: Contact Information--and gave an email address. I followed the Guidelines, then queried electronically. A month later, still no feedback, so I ask a friend who's already with that agency. He questioned me on how I sent it, then he said, "Ooo, bad form; you should have sent it snail." Okay, if that agent wants it snail, then how come the Contact Information doesn't give the snail address? Because it's one of those hidden trip-wires. I sent a copy of the query snail, but now I've gone and dirtied my nose by doing something that's secretly Bad Form. But just last year I found out that a publisher that I'd submitted to in hardcopy preferred it electronically--and that wasn't written anywhere either!

Writer Beware--even when you follow the Submissions Guidelines, you can still fall into a dark hole!


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