Friday, October 20, 2006


Some of you know that I'm into rabbits in a big way. Since I can't have horses where I live, rabbits are the next best thing. I have a hard time convincing people of that fact, but really, rabbits and horses do have a lot in common. Besides their digestive systems, rabbits and horses share personality traits. Both species are incredibly currious and both startle easily.

Case in point: Bunny slippers. Okay, my old slippers wore out, so I decided to replace them with Bunny Slippers. Oh boy. The slippers are bigger than my roommates who weigh in at 4 pounds each. I put the slippers on, stepped across the room, and --boing!--no more bunny friends. "Hey, where'd ya'll go" heehee. Poor dears were at first terrified of my slippers. Then curriosity kicked in and they HAD to investigate these intruders into their world. The male had to take a piece out of the new slipper, of course. Ha. Life with pets sure is fun.


Blogger Diana said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm changing that bit in Lamp where the folks are eating rabbit. I just haven't figured out yet what they will eat. Maybe a chicken-like bird they catch in a net. The monastery would have had chickens, and the descendants might have survived. But I've felt bad about them eating bunny ever since you read and commented on it.

3:22 PM  
Blogger KC Heath said...

heeheee--I really didn't try to make you feel guilty over that--grin. Heck, I have Randleon eating rabbit stew once [though someone else cooked it and he's too sick to comment--though I suppose he's quite used to it, as poor as he is] but that's the ONLY time I'm EVER going to do it. Ha!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

I too have bunny and winnie the pooh slippers. The first few times I wear them in the cold weather the greys think they are their new stuffy toys and try to bite them off my feet. Luckily there has been no damage to the slippers or my feet. LOL

12:14 PM  

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