Friday, October 20, 2006


Okay, it's true: I dream of being a "paid" editor one of these days --heehee--

I've done some editing that paid me with a Thank You, and that's fun [nicer than having someone get mad because I didn't tell him he was perfect--like, who is?].

But someone told me that in order to "convince the world" that I CAN edit, I need references. So, I'm going to ask any one who reads this--If I've edited for you, please feel free to comment here [as if you are speaking to a stranger and not me]. Then I'll have my wonderful friend Shaun cut-copy-paste these comments onto a new page on my website.

Thank you! :)


Blogger Barb said...

Although I am a published writer, there is nothing like having another writer critique your work. KC Heath is a writer I have called upon to look hard at my work and I have found she does a very thorough job. She finds those pesky mistakes that my "four eyes" gloss right over. Although we write in different genres, she has a great insight into the content of all work. I feel my work is stronger because of her help. And, if you are a writer of fantasy, KC can roll out the big guns of knowledgable critiquing and offer excellent suggestins for your work.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

An editor needs keen eyes, a questioning mind, research skills, good basic spelling and grammar knowledge, the willingness to look up what he or she doesn't know or suspects is incorrect, the courage to admit when he or she is wrong, tact in handling and dealing out criticism, and the ability not only to see what is wrong, but to make suggestions on how to fix it.

KC has all of these qualities. I've known KC for several years now, and have found her to be honest in her editing comments, as free with praise as with criticism, and always striving to help me improve my work. She's pleasant to deal with and has sharp eyes and quick perception. Her instincts are usually excellent, and she always tries very hard to make her own work and that of other authors as good as it can possibly be.

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Christina said...

KC has edited my fantasy work numerous times and each has proven enlightening and helpful.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Shaun CG said...

Although KC has not edited my writing, she has critiqued many of my stories. Her comments are always enlightening and considered, and she has a sharp eye for errors, weak grammar, and bad punctuation - everything a good line editor needs!

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KC is a smart, word-savvy woman. She has an fine eye for detail and her literary sense is well attuned to the nuances of science fiction in particular. I'm happy to give her my reccomendation as an editor for any writer.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Constance said...

KC has critiqued my writing at various stages. I always find her criticisms to be accurate and insightful. She is always careful to accentuate the positive as well. I would recommend KC for any job that requires good, astute editing.

1:21 PM  

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