Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Out of pocket

Going to the World Fantasy Convention.

Will post a convention report when I get back :)

Friday, October 20, 2006


Okay, it's true: I dream of being a "paid" editor one of these days --heehee--

I've done some editing that paid me with a Thank You, and that's fun [nicer than having someone get mad because I didn't tell him he was perfect--like, who is?].

But someone told me that in order to "convince the world" that I CAN edit, I need references. So, I'm going to ask any one who reads this--If I've edited for you, please feel free to comment here [as if you are speaking to a stranger and not me]. Then I'll have my wonderful friend Shaun cut-copy-paste these comments onto a new page on my website.

Thank you! :)


Some of you know that I'm into rabbits in a big way. Since I can't have horses where I live, rabbits are the next best thing. I have a hard time convincing people of that fact, but really, rabbits and horses do have a lot in common. Besides their digestive systems, rabbits and horses share personality traits. Both species are incredibly currious and both startle easily.

Case in point: Bunny slippers. Okay, my old slippers wore out, so I decided to replace them with Bunny Slippers. Oh boy. The slippers are bigger than my roommates who weigh in at 4 pounds each. I put the slippers on, stepped across the room, and --boing!--no more bunny friends. "Hey, where'd ya'll go" heehee. Poor dears were at first terrified of my slippers. Then curriosity kicked in and they HAD to investigate these intruders into their world. The male had to take a piece out of the new slipper, of course. Ha. Life with pets sure is fun.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Okay, this is just toooo werid. For the last week, when I try to "visit" my own blog, to see if anyone else has visited it, I find the stupid thing opening in September and not Showing Me any of my October posts. BUT--when I come into Blogger's Dashboard, I see that people have answered my October posts that I can only review if I open the Dashboard. I've republished multiple times, but with no changes.

Comments? Help? What's going on and how can I change it?

Friday, October 06, 2006

something funny

Accounts payable day is rarely dull--don't know why. Always something interupts us. This week, we open QuickBooks and get a DownLoad message. My secretary says, "Do you want to download now or later?" And I say, "Oh, go ahead and do it now, but it's probably just some tax update for New Jersey." Two minutes later, we sit here laughing, reading about tax changes in New Jersey. Now do you believe me when I say I'm a visionary? --ha--


Even though I'm still behind on all of those projects at work, I took the day off yesterday and finished my Reins of Time trilogy!

Well, it still needs polish, but! Yes! The story is now complete!

In celebration, I queried a prestigious New York agent. Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Okay, I saw this word in a novel I was reading on Saturday and had to go to the dictionary to make sure I understood its usage correctly. According to Webster, the meaning fit what the author intended: "fated for death," but according to my Oxford dictionary, fey means "otherworldly"--something we artist types really get into.

On Sunday I bought another research book with a sound enhancing CD in the back. This one is tribal drums. So last night I sat watching the sunset slant rose light through the trees whilst listening to these tribal drums beat a soft hollow cadence, and I did slip into another world--the world of muse where story lives and breathes. I didn't want the moment to end.