Thursday, August 31, 2006


tired.... working overtime and sunburned from it.

*#*#* auto mechanic had my PU 2 1/2 days and "didn't get to it" and "hasn't gotten to" the work truck yet either. Gonna have to find another mechanic.

Writing? What's that?

Brain fried from twisting it tooooo many different directions lately. Going yet another responsible direction tomorrow. Oh joy.

Need a vacation.

Send me smiles, my friends. I love ya for it :)



Blogger Constance said...


Do I need to send you the happy Corgi picture? There is no way you can refrain from returning a Corgi grin.

Or do you need my hero avatar picture again? :)


11:54 AM  
Blogger KC Heath said...

Ooo, can you send both? Connie, you always make me smile. Thank you.


6:23 PM  

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