Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I want to write about writing, and hear what other people have to say about writing too. I'm currently having a very heated debate with one of my e-mail contacts about the publishing industry today. What's your opinion about the state of the current market? ~kc


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The state of the current market? Same as everything else in the US today, we want to specialize things into non-existence. Everything must have a gimmick in order to succeed. If you don't have a gimmick to your book/writing to catch the ever decreasing attention span of the public/agent/publisher etc., then forget it. Not too cynical, am I?

This has been a test of KC's new emergency whining system. If this had been some actual whining, it would have been 3 pages long. Go KC!


4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi KC - This is Mary W checking to see how the blog works! See if you can put the web site under the links section!!!

8:54 PM  
Blogger Shaun CG said...

Check check, testing 1 2 3.

The state of publishing today? Hmm. The thing that's got my eye at the moment is the situation with Waterstones. The Waterstones / Ottaker's merger would be REALLY bad news for anyone who wasn't a bestselling author (as well as being awful for readers/consumers). But Tim Waterstone has made a bid to buy back his chain and put a former head of Penguin at the helm... and those two know how the bookselling business works.

Let's hope Tim gets his way, Waterstones gets back on track, and midlist/beginning authors get some shelfspace back - because HMV owning another major bookselling chain is no good for anyone in the publishing industry!

(Nb. this is an amateurish outsider's take and I'm sure it's all a lot more complicated than that, really. Heh.)

6:20 PM  

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